D1.1 - Commercially available biosensors. : Completed on March 2013.

D2.1 - Reported IIMD-antennas, tissue-simulant recipes and in-vitro/in-vivo experimental tests. : Completed on February 2013.

1st biannual report : March 2013.

D2.2 - Novel optimized IIMD-antenna design algorithms incorporating methods to deal with challenges in IIMD antenna design. : Completed on May 2013.

D1.2 - Design of electronic circuit components and power conservation techniques for IIMDs, including comparative evaluation results and improvements/adaptation within specific applications. : Completed on July 2013.

2nd biannual report : January 2014.

D2.3 - Novel miniature application-specific IIMD-antennas. : Completed on October 2013.

D2.4 - Recipes to mimic the electrical properties of human tissue at different frequencies, and ingredients' effects. : Completed on December 2013.
D3.1 - Link budget calculation, in and out of body characterization and modeling, and interference mitiqation techniques for IIMD biotelemetry. : Completed on January 2014.

3rd biannual report : March 2014.

D4.1 - Novel methods to assess temperature rise inside tissues. : Completed on August 2014.
4th biannual report : September 2014.

D5.1 - Current and novel ICTs for telemedicine and expansion of telemedicine into the entire healthcare network. : Completed on October 2014.
D4.2 - SAR and thermal numerical dosimetry for IIMDs, and parametric studies, for single- and multi-exposure scenarios. : Completed on November 2014.
D6.1 -Wired and wireless physiological monitoring technologies (ICP or other). : Completed on February 2015.
D5.2 - Biotelemetry-telemedicine-integrated systems. : Completed on May 2015.
5th biannual report : April 2015.