The project consists of seven work packages [WP]. WP1- WP5 deal with the issues related to proposed methodology for designing and evaluating implantable and ingestible medical devices (IIMD). WP6 shall verify the proposed methodology within the framework of a prototype wireless system for monitoring the intra-cranial pressure or another physiological parameter. Finally, WP7 includes the activities for the dissemination of the research results.

[WP1] Hardware related subjects for IIMD: Data and power-supply circuits
Start: M1 (October 2012) - End: M10 (July 2013)

[WP2] Prototype antennas for IIMD
Start: M1 (October 2012) - End: M35 (July 2015)

[WP3] Telemetry and communication link for IIMD
Start: M12 (September 2013) - End: M35 (July 2015)

[WP4] Security issues for IIMD
Start: M20 (May 2014) - End: M29 (February 2015)

[WP5] Telemetry-Telemedicine Communication link for IIMD
Start: M21 (June 2014) - End: M30 (March 2015)

[WP6] Verification of the proposed methodology
Start: M28 (January 2015) - End: M36 (September 2015)

[WP7] Dissemination and publication of research findings
Start: M1 (September 2012) - End: M36 (September 2015)

DEM-II-MED Gantt Chart